Dealing With Consumer’s Concern About Data Safety

Dealing With Consumer's Concern About Data Safety

There are many things that concern consumers these days. The situation with the global pandemic, the jobs, the future, the environment, the economy, and more. Added with data safety, consumer keep getting on feeling anxious about their daily lives. Cybersecurity hacks are real and they are threats that need to be eliminated properly and thoroughly. Consumers’ data and identity are at risk especially with how online transaction today is increasing. 

What can you do business owner and entrepreneur in dealing with this concern?

It is your obligation to keep your consumer’s data safe during their transaction with you as you are also part of it. Interacting with customer is beneficial for your business but your customers will stay loyal when they know you provide a safe place for without the risk of data breach. So what should you do to deal with consumer’s concern about data safety?

Consumers feeling scared of becoming the victim of cyber crime is justified. In fact, there have been so many cases of data breaches and cyber crimes targeting consumers while doing transaction online. In this online world, we are all put in more vulnerable position even we are provided with so many accessible things. Hence, it is so normal for consumers to feel unease about whole online interaction and transaction when their personal data is on the table. 

Ensure consumers about data safety

It is a must that you ensure consumers that their data is stored safely. Tell them about the safeguard you are installing to protect their personal data. It may not be enough but at least, you can put them at a little bit ease. In fact, it is better that being ignorant with your consumer’s concern about their data safety. At least, they know that you put your effort to keep them safe. However, make sure that your effort doesn’t end there. Do more to ensure their data safety. 

Use the right system for data safety

Make sure that your page of business for example, use two-way-authentication for customers to sign into. With this system, customers should enter their email address and passwords. Then, they are required to receive and enter security code sent to them via email or text. These kind of steps might be annoying. However, it is a safe way to ensure that their data is not easily breached. You can also inform your customers about these two-steps-authentication and educate them of its importance for their safety and security while being online.

Inform customers immediately when there is a risk

No matter how good and tight your security system is, you should never be complacent because the risk of data breach or cyber crime will always be there. When there is a risk data, inform your customers and ask them to change their passwords. Being transparent about possible threats won’t make you look bad to your customers. In fact, fast action such as informing them immediately will make them trust you even more because they see how proactive you are in keeping them safe.