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Turning Potential Buyers Into Actual Customers

Offer a discount or freebie

Generating leads is important thing you have to do to grow your business progressively. However, it doesn’t stop there. You have to turn potential buyers into actual customers to yield great results. If you focus only on generating leads without further attempt to make them your actual customers then it won’t add up to much to your business. When you have successfully generated leads, you have to create conversion plan to turn them into real paying customers. 

Converting leads into sales

You need to create actionable plan in order to convert leads into sales. Your small business has big potential to generate leads successfully with the right marketing campaign. And with the right lead generation strategies, you will also be able to have a successful lead conversion. And here are some useful tips of it you can consider:

Offer a discount or freebie

Offer a discount or freebie

Potential customers you have generated needs something more to drive them make a purchase. Hence, offer them something free since it is something that always feels good no matter what. Offering giveaways can get more people interested in your business and make a real purchase. Personalize your email of this offering to create a sense of exclusivity. You don’t have to offer free items that are ridiculously expensive. It can be something that can remind potential customers of your brand the most. 

Research your target market

Before making any attempt of generating lead and convert it into sales, make sure that you know who your target markets are. There is a process of lead conversion. You convert strangers into leads and convert leads into customers. The most important key of successful conversion is the offering. You will only give the right offer if you know what your leads want and need. Researching your target market is essential to make smooth conversion. 

Follow up with a potential customer

It should go without saying that you follow up your potential customers. You can do it through many ways such as a simple call or email. Ask them if they have any concern or questions. It is such a good kick-start to increase sales. Don’t give up on the first follow up because it is highly likely that you will succeed after several attempts, at least five follow-ups. Also, don’t get discouraged when your call is not picked up by your potential customers. Wait for 20 minutes before making another attempt of calling them. 

Make definitive call to action strategies

Sometimes, it takes only a light nudge for your potential customers to finally make a purchase from you. It is definitive call to action in your marketing efforts that will encourage potential customers to make decision. A light nudge in the right direction will help potential customers to know what step to make. Hence, make interesting call to action by using certain phrases or verbs that are impactful that lead to higher conversion rates. Learn more about how to combine idioms and call to action verbs to make more impactful results. 

Why You Need to Outsource Cleaning Service for Your Bali Property Villa

Professional Cleaning Service to Outsource for Your Bali Property Villa

Having your Bali property villa professionally cleaned is a must if you want to earn a good review when it comes to renting it out. When it comes to vacation rental, filthy homes are just not tolerated because your future company is predicated on your clients’ happiness ratings. 

Many Airbnb hosts choose to do their own cleaning; but, with quick booking turnarounds, unexpected bookings, and daily work time added to their schedules, many hosts discover the value of professional Airbnb cleaning. Some business owners are considering hiring a professional cleaning service. That’s a good thing, because a well-kept facility will undoubtedly make a good first impression on clients or customers while also providing a healthy work environment for your employees. So why should you hire a professional house cleaning service for your villa in Bali? Here’s how they help you with efficient property management. 

You Might be Good at Cleaning, But Is It Good Enough?

Cleaning a vacation rental properly entails more than a quick mop and vacuum. When it comes to cleaning their own homes, one out of every four persons admits to not doing a thorough job. Having skilled specialists clean your vacation rental means that your guests will receive a higher level of service.

You Don’t Have to Train Housemaid/ In-House Team for Proper Cleaning

You may not have realized it, but hiring a cleaning crew means you’ll be in charge of their training. If your Bali property villa has specific equipment, you’ll need to train them how to use it as well. That is both time consuming and costly. It’s simply more practical to engage a group of seasoned cleaners who have mastered cleaning techniques.

They Have Strict SOP in Cleaning A Vacation Rental

They Have Strict SOP in Cleaning A Bali Property Villa

Cleaning a rental home differs significantly from cleaning any other type of property. It must not only be clean, but it must also appear clean, as if no one has ever been there before, and every single detail is crucial. While cleaning checklists can be useful, they are pale in comparison to the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) used by professional cleaning companies, particularly in the hospitality industry. If you have a Bali pool villa for example, the cleaning team will know exactly what to do to clean and maintain the pool.

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They Employ the Latest Tech to Clean Your Villa

The vacation rental market is becoming increasingly digitally focused and, as a result, more straightforward. To reduce errors and miscommunication, top cleaning service providers incorporate innovative technology into their operations.

Save More Money Rather Than Having In-House Maids

Employing your own cleaning crew may appear to be a wonderful method to save money at first, but if you take a step back and look at how much time you spend on staff management, from recruitment to training and supervision, you’ll likely find that it’s a huge time and resource drain.

When you delegate cleaning and maintenance to the pros, you free up more time to focus on your other business activities and, most importantly, providing a 5-star experience to your guests.

Frees Up Your Time

Most likely, you’re looking at cleaning outsourcing to free up time for other more important matters. Cleaning a property properly requires at least 1-2 hours. Multiply that by the number of check-outs your company handles in a week, and you’ve got a lot of wasted time down the toilet (insert cleaning pun). Why not use part of that time to improve your marketing approach or crunch your data to uncover weak points in your Bali villa rental?

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Cyber Risks To Avoid When Running A Business

Cyber Risks To Avoid When Running A Business

Today’s business is very dependant on computer system because it is one of the key for efficient business operation. The problem is, computer systems comes with all risks you need to be prepared for. One of the real concerns is cyber risk or cyber threat. Cyber risks can impact your business in so many ways. A cyber loss can damage your business in so many ways such as hurt your business operation, lose customers, etc. It can financially damaging as well. 

Cyber risks you should avoid at all cost

There are many types of cyber risks that can threaten your business such as property destruction, threat of data loss, ransom demands, It hack, etc. Experiencing all those potential threats can result in costly disruption as well as harm your brand’s reputation. Developing cybersecurity is essential for any kind of business that rely on computer system. And here are some of the most common cyber risks your business should avoid:

Internal cyber risks

Internal cyber risks

Internal cyber risks come from your employee. Some of the most common internal cyber risks include your former or current employees sabotaging and stealing the data of your company. They may do it to disclose the information to the public or hand it to the other parties for money. There are many potential scenarios and intention for this kind of case.

It can be also something your employees do accidentally. For example, they leave their system opened without logging off first, giving opportunity to other irresponsible people to take advantage of the situation. Sometimes, employees are not aware of the risks they have by having the access to the company’s system. Therefore, it is important to educate, inform, and develop your staffs to be more aware of cyber risks and train them how to prevent and deal with those threats. 

External cyber risks

External cyber risks are when people from outside your company seek to illegally use data for various purposes. This kind of threat can halt business operation. The problem with external cyber risk is that it is not so easy to track where they come from. For example, malware attack, it can be sent by hackers to purposely attack your system so they can execute unauthorized actions. 

There is also a risk of malvertising. It is where malware is planted into the system to redirect users to malicious websites. The users’ data are mined for further ad targeting, causing further damage. And there is also ransomware. This is the kind of malware that locks up the system operations of your business. It make the renders website and system unusable until the ransom is paid as demanded by the perpetrators. 

To avoid being the victim of cyber attacks, make sure to regularly update your computer system as well as security programs. Encrypt data for safer data storing and accessing. It is also essential to protect unbound data so it won’t be easily stolen. Then, train your staffs to be more knowledgeable and skillful in dealing with potential security threats. 

6 Zero Waste Skincare Swaps to Start from Now On!

6 Zero Waste Skincare Swaps to Start from Now On!

Much of what we use in our beauty routines, from shampoo bottles to foundation tubes, is made of virgin plastic, making it difficult to recycle. It’s also one of the simplest areas of your routine to incorporate more environmentally aware changes, as being environmentally conscious has become a much bigger priority for both beauty products and consumers. However, contributing to a better earth can start from making simple swaps on your skincare routine to a more zero waste mindset. 

So what should a you do when presented with the challenge of keeping yout skin healthy while also being environmentally conscious? Here’s some simple tips to strike a happy medium.

When You Shop Sustainable Skincare

“Zero-waste” is a burgeoning beauty category in which manufacturers avoid contributing to landfill throughout the whole product development process, from ingredient sourcing to formulation, manufacturing, and shipping. Nowadays, many firms are beginning to offer more sustainable solutions, so you have a lot of options for purchasing natural beauty products or making your own.

Many businesses are switching to more environmentally friendly packaging, and some are even going zero waste in production. Others are replacing chemical-based, lab-derived components with safer, plant-based alternatives.

That may seem like a straightforward pledge, but given that the worldwide cosmetics business produces more than 120 billion units of packaging each year, it’s a welcome commitment.

Zero Waste Skincare Starts from the Packaging

Look for materials that are recyclable or reused in packaging. Look for packaging that is as simple as possible. There will be less trash if there is less packaging. Glass packaging is ideal because it is both recyclable and reusable. Another option being implemented by certain businesses is cardboard, which is both zero waste and totally compostable. Plastics that are recyclable or reusable are also available from some companies. 

Opt for Refillable Skincare

Opt for Refillable Skincare

Luxurious, heavy packaging is the allure of the cosmetics aisle, but if you can’t replace it, all of those lovely compacts and tubes will end up in a landfill. Instead, seek for products that come in refillable packaging to reduce the amount of single-use packaging you have. Today, you can find serious sustainable beauty brands in UK that not only use reusable packaging, but also let you buy refills!

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Pay More Attention to Ingredients

Many common skincare ingredients are harmful to your skin and the environment. Many of them are manufactured with petroleum derivatives, which are derived from fossil fuels. There are a few substances in traditional skincare products that should be avoided at all costs.

Switch to Reusable Cotton Rounds

Switch to Reusable Cotton Rounds

Reusable cotton squares are ideal for those who use a lot of cosmetics or care about their skin. They’re composed of bamboo fleece, so they’re mild on your skin and ideal for removing makeup, applying toner, and whatever else you can think of!

Choose Palm-Oil Free

Palm oil is produced when the oil palm tree is harvested. This substance has a major issue in the skincare sector. Palm trees thrive in hot areas, and each year, more rainforests are cleared for palm fruit plantations.

Palm oil-based products lead to deforestation, resulting in habitat loss for wildlife such as orangutans. It is the primary cause of deforestation in Indonesia, which destroys habitats and contributes to climate change.

Switch to Shampoo Bars

With shampoo bars, you can get away of all the packaging. Shampoo bars are durable and convenient because they do not require the use of synthetic bottles. They’re also ideal for traveling with the 100ml liquid restriction.

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Reusable Paper Towels

My favorite way to start a zero-waste path is using reusable paper towels! It may seem intimidating, but they may help you replace or reduce your use of paper towels! There’s no need to take the plunge all at once; instead, take small steps. You’ll also discover that lowering the number of paper towels you use each year will save you hundreds of dollars!

Resolutions Your Business Should Make For The New Year

It is common for many businesses to make new year’s resolution in facing the new beginning. In fact, you must make resolution in every new year to grow your business bigger and bigger. The beginning of the year means new hope and more possibilities to thrive. It is the perfect time for you to reassess your business and see what you can do to improve it. You need to reevaluate your visions and set clearer goals to achieve. As for this year, here are the resolutions your business should make:

positive work environment - Shot of office staff jumping

Improving your online presence

Today, online presence truly has major impact to the growth of business. People are more familiar and getting adapted with virtual transaction. Hence, it is time for you to advance your online presence. Technology and innovation are important for the growth of your business so set yourself up for success by starting to integrate digital transformation. The online space opens so many opportunities for your business to grow larger. Invest and diversify your online presence start from this moment. 

Build a better mindset

To grow a successful business, you need to have strong mental capacity because the challenges are not only physically draining but also emotionally damaging. Always aim to be better every year. With this kind of mindset, you always have the capacity to move forward and innovate. Direct focused efforts toward building, measuring, and improving upon various aspects of your business. This kind of focus will help you solve various hurdles and thrive. 

Refine your brand

It is necessary to refine your brand especially from every angle at the start of the year. Find things you can do to improve your products or services from every angle. For example, improve customer engagement and employee engagement. The better those aspects are, the better your brand will grow into. It is how you build on your brand values.

Build more positive work environment

The situation with global pandemic has hit businesses so hard. Gaining trust for employees to start coming back to the office for work  is more challenging than ever. Hence, it is highly recommended for you to start fostering a more positive work environment. Be open to feedback and encourage your employees to give their feedback. Listen to your team and respond to their concerns and problems.  Productivity will only be cultivated from positive motivation. That’s why they will become more productive if they are happier.

Foster compassion

The global pandemic is not fully contained and while so many changes have already happened, being back to normalcy is rather impossible because some shifts are likely permanent. Hence, foster more compassionate approach to ensure your clients that you will always be providing. Build open and honest communication with your clients so everyone will have easier times. Also, start establishing clearer goals for yourselves and your brands to give a clear sense of direction. This way, you know how to track your progress and know what to to to perfect your strategies so you can make your ways towards your goals.

Komodo Island Tour, Visiting The Beastly Giant Reptile

The monstrous Komodo dragons (the world’s largest reptile) call the Indonesian island of Komodo home. It’s a stunningly beautiful destination with plenty of other ‘bucket list’ Komodo island tour experiences.

The UNESCO-designated Komodo National Park includes dozens of islands with white and pink sand beaches, diverse highlands for trekking, and coral reefs for diving. It’s the only spot in the world where you can view Komodo dragons and have your photo taken with them! For those of you who haven’t been, we’re going to cover everything you need to know before visiting Komodo Island. 

From the island of Pulau Padar, on the hilltop, view of a colorful and natural sunset in the famous archipelago of Komodo in Indonesia. Komodo National Park is worldwide famous for its diving industry and is considered as one of the best location in the World.

Komodo Island Tour, Where is the island’s location

Komodo Island is part of the Komodo National Park. Consists of a collection of tropical islands off the coast of Flores in east Indonesia.

The three main islands in the park are Komodo, Rinca, and Padar, but there are many smaller ones as well. Ideal for island hopping!

The closest city is Labuan Bajo, a fishing village in Flores with its own airport and plenty of hotels and restaurants to visit in between park excursions.

How to get there?

A boat cruise from Labuan Bajo is the only method to see Komodo Island and the remainder of the national park.

As the crow flies, the islands are roughly 40 kilometers (25 miles) from Bajo, and the trip takes around 3 hours with a slow boat or less than half that with a speedboat.

A wooden yacht with three masts is anchored in the waters of the famous archipelago of Komodo in Indonesia. The National Park of Komodo attracts numerous diving expeditions as it is considered one of the best diving destination in the World.

You may visit all of the highlights of Komodo National Park (including the dragons) in a single full day tour, or you can stay on a liveaboard boat for many days to see everything!

Every day, various airlines operate flights from Bali to Labuan Bajo airport, with a one-hour travel time and ticket rates as low as $30 USD.

How to do a Komodo trip?

The three types of boats accessible for exploring the islands are slow boats, speedboats, and liveaboard boats.

The cheapest choice is the slow boat, but you’ll lose a lot of time on a journey because it’s so slow. A speedboat is substantially faster and more efficient, but it also costs significantly more.

A liveaboard voyage can be expensive, but it’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance to sleep in a cabin and spend many days traveling and experiencing more of the park’s wonders.

The town of Labuan Bajo is small and easy to navigate. For 75k Rupiah ($5 USD), you can rent a scooter for the day or take a cab around town for 50k per trip.

Things to do in Komodo National Park

The Komodo trip will take you to explore Komodo National Park from Padar, Rinca, Pink beach, Kalong island to the natural habitat of giant reptiles.

Padar island – On the little island of Padar, Komodo Indonesia’s most stunning viewpoint is located. The hike to the top takes only 30 minutes, and you’ll see one of the best views in Southeast Asia.

This seems like it came straight out of a Jurassic Park movie. The island is fashion like a large X, featuring white, black, and pink beaches in three bays.

Top view of Pink Beach from Komodo Island (Komodo National Park), Labuan Bajo, Flores, Indonesia.

Each hue of sand is distinct in its own right, but seeing them all together is breathtaking. This is probably the only place on the planet where you can witness something like that!

Pink beach – Several pink sand beaches may be found in Komodo, Indonesia. The color comes from foraminifera, which are microscopic creatures found in coral.

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Pink beaches are extremely rare, with only a few scattered around the world. The one with the brightest hue is tucked away in a bay on Padar Island’s north side.

When visiting Komodo National Park, you must see these spectacular beaches.

Komodo day tour trekking

The biggest draw of Komodo Indonesia is the opportunity to observe the dragons in the wild! The Komodo National Park is the only place in the world where you may do this.

Komodo island tour takes you to one of the two main islands in Indonesia where dragons live. You can start a short trip looking for Komodo dragons under the supervision of a park ranger.

Feel free. A traveler in Padar Island in the waters of the Komodo Islands

You’ll almost certainly spot a few dragons, and with the guide’s assistance, you can even take photos with them! It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see these animals up close and personal in the wild.

For this part of the trip, you will land on one of the two main islands in Indonesia where the Komodo dragons live (Rinca or Komodo Island).

The hike is a bit difficult and suitable for people of all ages. For this part of the trip, you’ll land on one of the two main islands in Indonesia where the komodo dragons live (Rinca or Komodo Island) and embark on a short trip looking for dragons while being watched by park rangers.

Dealing With Consumer’s Concern About Data Safety

Dealing With Consumer's Concern About Data Safety

There are many things that concern consumers these days. The situation with the global pandemic, the jobs, the future, the environment, the economy, and more. Added with data safety, consumer keep getting on feeling anxious about their daily lives. Cybersecurity hacks are real and they are threats that need to be eliminated properly and thoroughly. Consumers’ data and identity are at risk especially with how online transaction today is increasing. 

What can you do business owner and entrepreneur in dealing with this concern?

It is your obligation to keep your consumer’s data safe during their transaction with you as you are also part of it. Interacting with customer is beneficial for your business but your customers will stay loyal when they know you provide a safe place for without the risk of data breach. So what should you do to deal with consumer’s concern about data safety?

Consumers feeling scared of becoming the victim of cyber crime is justified. In fact, there have been so many cases of data breaches and cyber crimes targeting consumers while doing transaction online. In this online world, we are all put in more vulnerable position even we are provided with so many accessible things. Hence, it is so normal for consumers to feel unease about whole online interaction and transaction when their personal data is on the table. 

Ensure consumers about data safety

It is a must that you ensure consumers that their data is stored safely. Tell them about the safeguard you are installing to protect their personal data. It may not be enough but at least, you can put them at a little bit ease. In fact, it is better that being ignorant with your consumer’s concern about their data safety. At least, they know that you put your effort to keep them safe. However, make sure that your effort doesn’t end there. Do more to ensure their data safety. 

Use the right system for data safety

Make sure that your page of business for example, use two-way-authentication for customers to sign into. With this system, customers should enter their email address and passwords. Then, they are required to receive and enter security code sent to them via email or text. These kind of steps might be annoying. However, it is a safe way to ensure that their data is not easily breached. You can also inform your customers about these two-steps-authentication and educate them of its importance for their safety and security while being online.

Inform customers immediately when there is a risk

No matter how good and tight your security system is, you should never be complacent because the risk of data breach or cyber crime will always be there. When there is a risk data, inform your customers and ask them to change their passwords. Being transparent about possible threats won’t make you look bad to your customers. In fact, fast action such as informing them immediately will make them trust you even more because they see how proactive you are in keeping them safe. 

Everything We Love from Diving in Amed Bali

Everything We Love from Diving in Amed Bali
Image credit: Instagram/@amed.eastbali @thesportyglobetrotter

Amed is a tranquil little fishing village on Bali’s northeast coast, nestled on a horseshoe-shaped harbor. The rugged, breathtakingly magnificent terrain of the region is dominated by the approximately 3142 m high volcano Gunung Agung. Actually, the small fishing village of Amed is the name of a region that spans for 15 kilometers along a winding coastal road and includes a variety of fishing settlements, bays, and diving places. One of Bali’s best and most picturesque diving and snorkeling locations is located here. If you’re seeking for a beach and diving vacation with authentic Bali local culture in family setting away from the south’s mass tourist, you’ll find here in Amed. 

A relaxing stay in a small, quiet town

Amed is the epitome of calm and modesty. In fact, it’s part of the village’s attractiveness. In Amed, nothing is pretentious. As soon as you enter the village, you will be taken aback by its tranquil atmosphere. The tranquil village is a nice relief from the hubbub of southern Bali. Amed already has everything to brag about, with a world-class aquatic habitat spread beneath its sand beaches. This is a place where you may appreciate the little things in life.

The authentic vibe of Balinese community

The authentic vibe of Balinese community
Image credit: Instagram/@amed.eastbali @remrobynz

Though with the sprawling of diving tourism in Amed, this village still retain its authentic Bali local tradition. Its one of the true jewel of Bali, where times seems to stood still. You can feel the serenity and authenticity of the daily life of Balinese as it were in 50 years ago. A lot of guests who come to Amed for diving find themselves enchanted of the landscapes and their genuine interaction with the locals. 

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The colorful underwater landscape

A vacation to Amed isn’t complete without seeing the incredible underwater life. The most popular activity in Amed is undoubtedly scuba diving. You can try snorkeling if you are not a confident diver or are still working on your certification. When you glimpse the ocean floor, be careful not to give out a small gasp. Millions of fish dart across the bright ocean floor, surrounded by miles of pristine corals, hard and soft sponges of all colors. Even if you are a novice snorkeler, the great variety of marine life will quench your appetite for the ocean.

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Amed is a beginner-friendly diving site in Bali

A beginner-friendly dive sites for those who just starting to dive
Image credit: Instagram/@jun.nakamatsu

The beaches in Amed is partially flanked by lava stones, with water so clean that corals and fish in the enormous turquoise-blue marine aquarium can be seen with the naked eye. Amed is not only one of Bali’s most beautiful spots to unwind, but it also has the most diverse dive opportunities. In Amed, both novices and advanced skiers receive their money’s worth. At drift dive spots, you can dive in sheltered bays or drift with the waves.

Amed has a wide range of scuba diving options for everyone. Bunutan Point, Japanese Wrecks, and Pyramids are great for beginners since they are easy to dive, have minimal currents, and offer beautiful coral gardens to explore. Corals, sponges, and sea fans abound at Bunutan Point, which is patrolled by snappers and reef sharks. The Japanese Wreck is a place where a Japanese-model wreckage rests in just 5 meters of water, as its name suggests. It’s been practically recovered by the corals, and scorpion fish, pipe fish, nudibranchs, and even rare pygmy seahorses now call it home! The Pyramids are without a doubt Amed’s most magnificent site—as well as a symbol of diving and optimism for the revival of marine life.

What To Consider When Choosing Digital Marketing Partner

Today’s business relies on digital marketing. Because how advanced digital world has become. So many digital marketing tools and methods you can rely on to help grow your business more efficiently. Also, partnerships in digital marketing have grown significantly as well. It is beneficial to boost business’s growth as consumers spend most of their time on digital platforms. The problem with digital marketing is the security issues. 

Choosing the right partner 

So many digital marketing companies offer for online safety but it is hard for businesses to fully know how good the security is and how safe it is both for them and their audience. Digital marketing companies have their own privacy and security concerns. Hence, you need to choose the right partnerships for your digital marketing. 

It is important for you to evaluate the security of your digital marketing partner’s products and services to fully know their capability and credibility in keeping your business safe as well as your audiences. First thing first, find out more about your digital marketing partner’s level of security. What you need to find out more is regarding to the SSL or Secure Socket Layer Service, SOC 2 compliance, as well as GDPR and CCP compliance. Those are important security system to ensure online safety both of your business and audience. 

If it is possible, you can ask the provider to customize their products to look and feel consistent with your brand identity. It is important factor because you need your site needs to be legitimate and affiliated with your brand. Hence, your audience know who the real you (your brand). hence, your digital marketing partner should know how to be compatible with your brand identity. It can be in a form of color scheme, logos and typeface, security indicators, etc. This way, both your digital marketing strategies and security interests are what you put on top of your priority to ensure your audience and target customers of your credibility. 

It is also important to find out if your digital marketing partner can deliver a customized URL for links that redirect your customers toward online. Make sure your digital marketing partner has the right strategy to direct your customers to secured sites that meet your brand’s identity, as well as security level and overall experience. Only this way, will your customers trust your brand because all the links are directed to your official sites with your real brand on it. 

Then, it is just as important to find out more about how and where your digital marketing partner store your consumer’s data. It is such a sensitive information and consumers data are prone to being violated or misused. Any partner you work with will automatically have your consumer’s data. And it is a must that you know how and where they store it. Security system to access the data should be well-designed to ensure the safety of your consumers. Make sure your digital marketing partner shows the same level of commitment to the security as you do.

Komodo Liveaboard Snorkeling, Tips & Guides

Underwater Komodo has always been the attention of domestic and international tourists. Komodo Island is famous for its strong deep currents and only divers with a certain level of a diving certificate can enjoy the amazing underwater world. What about tourists who want to enjoy the underwater Komodo dragon without diving? Snorkeling! Snorkeling can be interpreted as a diving activity at a shallow surface depth. You can find a lot of Komodo liveaboard snorkeling packages at many operators. You don’t have to bother taking a diving certificate to enjoy Komodo underwater.


Komodo liveaboard snorkeling equipment

For beginners, you should know the diving equipment and how to use it. Before taking the Komodo liveaboard snorkeling package, you must be really careful to find an operator that provides snorkeling equipment. Usually, beginners also have to use tools such as life jackets. There is snorkeling equipment that you should know


This J-shaped tool serves as an entry for air when we breathe below sea level. Using a snorkel will really help you explore the underwater beauty without having to lift your head to take oxygen.

Frog’s Feet

This snorkel tool has a role in increasing the propulsion of the feet when diving. The frog’s feet also serve as foot protectors from objects and creatures on the underwater surface.

Diving Mask

When snorkeling, the face, including the eyes and nose, must be protected because they are vulnerable to injury. Diving masks are waterproof which serves to protect your eyes and nose. The lens of the diving mask is made of safety glass while the frame is made of rubber or silicone.

Komodo Snorkeling tips for beginners

Snorkel means to float when the feet and hands are still. The feet move when you want to move to a certain location. Try to keep your head down with your gaze forward to help your body float more steadily. It would be better if the position of the body on your back with your face pointed into the water. This will really help you to stay afloat.

Check the equipment & how to use it

Before snorkeling, first, check the condition of the equipment. If you have doubts about the equipment provided by the Komodo liveaboard snorkeling operator, you can use your own snorkeling equipment.

Stay in the group

We don’t know when the tide will come, so don’t get too far from your group. Many tourists swim too far because they are too enjoying the underwater beauty. Snorkeling only uses simple tools, so it is not recommended to be too far from the group because it is dangerous.

Learn to breathe with a snorkel

Before doing snorkeling, it’s a good idea to do breathing exercises with a snorkel. Its function is to get you used to breathe when using the snorkel.

How to clean mask and snorkel in water

Seawater entering the snorkel is common because the wave conditions are erratic. How to clean it is enough to take a deep breath and then exhale strongly with the mouth. The water will come out through the snorkel funnel with an air boost.

Komodo Spot Snorkeling

The beauty of the ecosystem and the richness of the marine life of Komodo Island are indeed famous throughout the world. Some spots that must be included in your Komodo liveaboard snorkeling package:

Manta Point

Located in the south and adjacent to the island of Komodo, it is home to the manta ray mammal. You can feel the sensation of swimming close to manta rays with a variety of beautiful coral reefs and exotic fish. 

Kanawa Island

The island is 15 km from Labuan Bajo which is a favorite diving and snorkeling spot on Komodo island. The underwater ecosystem on Kanawa island is still natural with shallow depths making it easy for you to snorkel. 

Tatawa Besar

This island is an attractive snorkeling destination and is located in the north of Rinca Island. This small island has several beautiful white sandy beaches typical of the enchanting island of Flores. The conditions of the waters are quite calm and will bring you to discover the beauty of the underwater world.

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