Dealing With Consumer’s Concern About Data Safety

Dealing With Consumer's Concern About Data Safety

There are many things that concern consumers these days. The situation with the global pandemic, the jobs, the future, the environment, the economy, and more. Added with data safety, consumer keep getting on feeling anxious about their daily lives. Cybersecurity hacks are real and they are threats that need to be eliminated properly and thoroughly. Consumers’ data and identity are at risk especially with how online transaction today is increasing. 

What can you do business owner and entrepreneur in dealing with this concern?

It is your obligation to keep your consumer’s data safe during their transaction with you as you are also part of it. Interacting with customer is beneficial for your business but your customers will stay loyal when they know you provide a safe place for without the risk of data breach. So what should you do to deal with consumer’s concern about data safety?

Consumers feeling scared of becoming the victim of cyber crime is justified. In fact, there have been so many cases of data breaches and cyber crimes targeting consumers while doing transaction online. In this online world, we are all put in more vulnerable position even we are provided with so many accessible things. Hence, it is so normal for consumers to feel unease about whole online interaction and transaction when their personal data is on the table. 

Ensure consumers about data safety

It is a must that you ensure consumers that their data is stored safely. Tell them about the safeguard you are installing to protect their personal data. It may not be enough but at least, you can put them at a little bit ease. In fact, it is better that being ignorant with your consumer’s concern about their data safety. At least, they know that you put your effort to keep them safe. However, make sure that your effort doesn’t end there. Do more to ensure their data safety. 

Use the right system for data safety

Make sure that your page of business for example, use two-way-authentication for customers to sign into. With this system, customers should enter their email address and passwords. Then, they are required to receive and enter security code sent to them via email or text. These kind of steps might be annoying. However, it is a safe way to ensure that their data is not easily breached. You can also inform your customers about these two-steps-authentication and educate them of its importance for their safety and security while being online.

Inform customers immediately when there is a risk

No matter how good and tight your security system is, you should never be complacent because the risk of data breach or cyber crime will always be there. When there is a risk data, inform your customers and ask them to change their passwords. Being transparent about possible threats won’t make you look bad to your customers. In fact, fast action such as informing them immediately will make them trust you even more because they see how proactive you are in keeping them safe. 

Everything We Love from Diving in Amed Bali

Everything We Love from Diving in Amed Bali
Image credit: Instagram/@amed.eastbali @thesportyglobetrotter

Amed is a tranquil little fishing village on Bali’s northeast coast, nestled on a horseshoe-shaped harbor. The rugged, breathtakingly magnificent terrain of the region is dominated by the approximately 3142 m high volcano Gunung Agung. Actually, the small fishing village of Amed is the name of a region that spans for 15 kilometers along a winding coastal road and includes a variety of fishing settlements, bays, and diving places. One of Bali’s best and most picturesque diving and snorkeling locations is located here. If you’re seeking for a beach and diving vacation with authentic Bali local culture in family setting away from the south’s mass tourist, you’ll find here in Amed. 

A relaxing stay in a small, quiet town

Amed is the epitome of calm and modesty. In fact, it’s part of the village’s attractiveness. In Amed, nothing is pretentious. As soon as you enter the village, you will be taken aback by its tranquil atmosphere. The tranquil village is a nice relief from the hubbub of southern Bali. Amed already has everything to brag about, with a world-class aquatic habitat spread beneath its sand beaches. This is a place where you may appreciate the little things in life.

The authentic vibe of Balinese community

The authentic vibe of Balinese community
Image credit: Instagram/@amed.eastbali @remrobynz

Though with the sprawling of diving tourism in Amed, this village still retain its authentic Bali local tradition. Its one of the true jewel of Bali, where times seems to stood still. You can feel the serenity and authenticity of the daily life of Balinese as it were in 50 years ago. A lot of guests who come to Amed for diving find themselves enchanted of the landscapes and their genuine interaction with the locals. 

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The colorful underwater landscape

A vacation to Amed isn’t complete without seeing the incredible underwater life. The most popular activity in Amed is undoubtedly scuba diving. You can try snorkeling if you are not a confident diver or are still working on your certification. When you glimpse the ocean floor, be careful not to give out a small gasp. Millions of fish dart across the bright ocean floor, surrounded by miles of pristine corals, hard and soft sponges of all colors. Even if you are a novice snorkeler, the great variety of marine life will quench your appetite for the ocean.

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Amed is a beginner-friendly diving site in Bali

A beginner-friendly dive sites for those who just starting to dive
Image credit: Instagram/@jun.nakamatsu

The beaches in Amed is partially flanked by lava stones, with water so clean that corals and fish in the enormous turquoise-blue marine aquarium can be seen with the naked eye. Amed is not only one of Bali’s most beautiful spots to unwind, but it also has the most diverse dive opportunities. In Amed, both novices and advanced skiers receive their money’s worth. At drift dive spots, you can dive in sheltered bays or drift with the waves.

Amed has a wide range of scuba diving options for everyone. Bunutan Point, Japanese Wrecks, and Pyramids are great for beginners since they are easy to dive, have minimal currents, and offer beautiful coral gardens to explore. Corals, sponges, and sea fans abound at Bunutan Point, which is patrolled by snappers and reef sharks. The Japanese Wreck is a place where a Japanese-model wreckage rests in just 5 meters of water, as its name suggests. It’s been practically recovered by the corals, and scorpion fish, pipe fish, nudibranchs, and even rare pygmy seahorses now call it home! The Pyramids are without a doubt Amed’s most magnificent site—as well as a symbol of diving and optimism for the revival of marine life.

What To Consider When Choosing Digital Marketing Partner

Today’s business relies on digital marketing. Because how advanced digital world has become. So many digital marketing tools and methods you can rely on to help grow your business more efficiently. Also, partnerships in digital marketing have grown significantly as well. It is beneficial to boost business’s growth as consumers spend most of their time on digital platforms. The problem with digital marketing is the security issues. 

Choosing the right partner 

So many digital marketing companies offer for online safety but it is hard for businesses to fully know how good the security is and how safe it is both for them and their audience. Digital marketing companies have their own privacy and security concerns. Hence, you need to choose the right partnerships for your digital marketing. 

It is important for you to evaluate the security of your digital marketing partner’s products and services to fully know their capability and credibility in keeping your business safe as well as your audiences. First thing first, find out more about your digital marketing partner’s level of security. What you need to find out more is regarding to the SSL or Secure Socket Layer Service, SOC 2 compliance, as well as GDPR and CCP compliance. Those are important security system to ensure online safety both of your business and audience. 

If it is possible, you can ask the provider to customize their products to look and feel consistent with your brand identity. It is important factor because you need your site needs to be legitimate and affiliated with your brand. Hence, your audience know who the real you (your brand). hence, your digital marketing partner should know how to be compatible with your brand identity. It can be in a form of color scheme, logos and typeface, security indicators, etc. This way, both your digital marketing strategies and security interests are what you put on top of your priority to ensure your audience and target customers of your credibility. 

It is also important to find out if your digital marketing partner can deliver a customized URL for links that redirect your customers toward online. Make sure your digital marketing partner has the right strategy to direct your customers to secured sites that meet your brand’s identity, as well as security level and overall experience. Only this way, will your customers trust your brand because all the links are directed to your official sites with your real brand on it. 

Then, it is just as important to find out more about how and where your digital marketing partner store your consumer’s data. It is such a sensitive information and consumers data are prone to being violated or misused. Any partner you work with will automatically have your consumer’s data. And it is a must that you know how and where they store it. Security system to access the data should be well-designed to ensure the safety of your consumers. Make sure your digital marketing partner shows the same level of commitment to the security as you do.

Komodo Liveaboard Snorkeling, Tips & Guides

Underwater Komodo has always been the attention of domestic and international tourists. Komodo Island is famous for its strong deep currents and only divers with a certain level of a diving certificate can enjoy the amazing underwater world. What about tourists who want to enjoy the underwater Komodo dragon without diving? Snorkeling! Snorkeling can be interpreted as a diving activity at a shallow surface depth. You can find a lot of Komodo liveaboard snorkeling packages at many operators. You don’t have to bother taking a diving certificate to enjoy Komodo underwater.


Komodo liveaboard snorkeling equipment

For beginners, you should know the diving equipment and how to use it. Before taking the Komodo liveaboard snorkeling package, you must be really careful to find an operator that provides snorkeling equipment. Usually, beginners also have to use tools such as life jackets. There is snorkeling equipment that you should know


This J-shaped tool serves as an entry for air when we breathe below sea level. Using a snorkel will really help you explore the underwater beauty without having to lift your head to take oxygen.

Frog’s Feet

This snorkel tool has a role in increasing the propulsion of the feet when diving. The frog’s feet also serve as foot protectors from objects and creatures on the underwater surface.

Diving Mask

When snorkeling, the face, including the eyes and nose, must be protected because they are vulnerable to injury. Diving masks are waterproof which serves to protect your eyes and nose. The lens of the diving mask is made of safety glass while the frame is made of rubber or silicone.

Komodo Snorkeling tips for beginners

Snorkel means to float when the feet and hands are still. The feet move when you want to move to a certain location. Try to keep your head down with your gaze forward to help your body float more steadily. It would be better if the position of the body on your back with your face pointed into the water. This will really help you to stay afloat.

Check the equipment & how to use it

Before snorkeling, first, check the condition of the equipment. If you have doubts about the equipment provided by the Komodo liveaboard snorkeling operator, you can use your own snorkeling equipment.

Stay in the group

We don’t know when the tide will come, so don’t get too far from your group. Many tourists swim too far because they are too enjoying the underwater beauty. Snorkeling only uses simple tools, so it is not recommended to be too far from the group because it is dangerous.

Learn to breathe with a snorkel

Before doing snorkeling, it’s a good idea to do breathing exercises with a snorkel. Its function is to get you used to breathe when using the snorkel.

How to clean mask and snorkel in water

Seawater entering the snorkel is common because the wave conditions are erratic. How to clean it is enough to take a deep breath and then exhale strongly with the mouth. The water will come out through the snorkel funnel with an air boost.

Komodo Spot Snorkeling

The beauty of the ecosystem and the richness of the marine life of Komodo Island are indeed famous throughout the world. Some spots that must be included in your Komodo liveaboard snorkeling package:

Manta Point

Located in the south and adjacent to the island of Komodo, it is home to the manta ray mammal. You can feel the sensation of swimming close to manta rays with a variety of beautiful coral reefs and exotic fish. 

Kanawa Island

The island is 15 km from Labuan Bajo which is a favorite diving and snorkeling spot on Komodo island. The underwater ecosystem on Kanawa island is still natural with shallow depths making it easy for you to snorkel. 

Tatawa Besar

This island is an attractive snorkeling destination and is located in the north of Rinca Island. This small island has several beautiful white sandy beaches typical of the enchanting island of Flores. The conditions of the waters are quite calm and will bring you to discover the beauty of the underwater world.

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The Importance Of Having Enough Cash For Your Business

The Importance Of Having Enough Cash For Your Business

In business, you should always ready to face the unexpected because it is unpredictable world to get involved in. You don’t know when your revenue is going to take a hard fall or when your business is going to be viral all of a sudden. The key is to always have a steady plan to keep your business afloat while also preparing for the exit where you are also ready to pivot when necessary. And one of the most important factors to be prepared all the time is to have enough cash. 

How to have enough cash for your business

Having enough cash is needed for your day-to-day business operation because you need to pay some expenses. However, cash is also important for when your business is not going well. it is like how the pandemic has affected businesses and only those who have enough cash with flexibility to pivot who can stand strong until now. Here are some tips for you to have enough cash so your business can survive even during the unexpected:

Review your assets

Throughout your entrepreneurial journey, you might have bought many different assets, thinking that it is better than having cash with you. However, it is important to review all your assets and see if they really help generate revenue or just a burden for your business. For example, you need an asset of a property that doesn’t generate any revenue yet you have to spend money to maintain it. It is not the kind of asset you really need. Hence, it is more recommended to consider converting them to cash. You may use the money for daily expenses or to reinvest in more profitable assets and uses. 

Consider equipment leasing

You might think that buying equipment for your business is better because it will become your asset. Also, you might think it can save more money than leasing. However, it is not always the case because sometimes, it is more beneficial for you to lease equipment than buying them especially when your business is not stable enough in gaining steady revenue. If you lease equipment, you may be able to spread your money for other areas that will help generate more revenue for your business. 

Maintain liquidity through reducing overhead costs

Consider cutting or canceling all nonessential recurring payments to maintain liquidity. Just like the tips earlier, it is best to not own a property that doesn’t give any benefit for you at least earning passive income. If your office for example is no longer used by you and your employees because you can do your work efficiently from home then you may consider selling or renting it out.  It helps a lot in reducing monthly expenses. 

Aide having enough cash, it is also important for you to regulate your its flow. You need to make sure that your liquidity improve by syncing up your revenues and expenses while also reducing account-related overhead. You will see how much better your business has improved once you have good cash flow. 

Secrets to Push Your Bali Villas Seminyak to Rank Higher in TripAdvisor

Secrets to Push Your Bali Villas Seminyak to Rank Higher in TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor is one of your best friends — and one of your most annoying foes — if you manage vacation rentals in Bali. In popular destination like Seminyak, for example, your Bali villas Seminyak will have to compete with hundred other private villas, guest houses, hotels, and resorts. You will see hundreds of these vacation rental owners and managers list their property in TripAdvisor rentals, and here’s where the business competition begin. 

Understanding the Magnificence of TripAdvisor Rentals

TripAdvisor Rentals reaches millions of potential guests across the world through a family of international brands, including FlipKey, Vacation Home Rentals, and more. TripAdvisor has the capacity to establish trust with travelers like no other site, with 500 million+ reviews and 390 million monthly users, allowing owners and property managers to earn the reservations their rentals deserve. And that’s exactly why you need to start taking TripAdvisor seriously if you want your Seminyak villas to stay on top of its competitors. 

Why TripAdvisor Ranking is Important for Your Bali Villas Seminyak Business

A high ranking as an experience provider demonstrates that you are a trustworthy company with a solid reputation. If you can consistently receive 4 or 5-star internet reviews, your business will perform better when compared to similar businesses in your area. You can find out if you’re meeting customer expectations – and where you can improve – by asking guests to leave online evaluations.

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The Secret to Rank Higher in TripAdvisor

The Secret to Rank Higher in TripAdvisor

How do you crack the top 10, or perhaps the number one slot, in Seminyak area? It’s as easy as asking for reviews to boost your business on Tripadvisor. Really, the key to boost your Seminyak private villa in Bali is through getting good reviews, and here’s the formula. 

Get Guests Review Your Bali Villas Seminyak in Your TripAdvisor

Tripadvisor serves as a virtual recommendation system, allowing users to obtain real-world reviews from any web-connected device. People are skeptical of businesses they haven’t heard much about, which explains why having recommendations from prior visitors is so important. Unlike other sorts of businesses, tour companies are unique. Travelers read reviews to assist them decide whether or not to make a reservation. 84 percent of respondents believe that reviews have the same importance as personal recommendations. 

Get Quality Reviews 

TripAdvisor prefer Bali villas Seminyak with reviews containing useful informations. uality evaluations include thorough, firsthand accounts of the experience, as well as advice for future visitors. Guests value a smooth experience, which continues after the booking is completed.

Encourage visitors to provide feedback by asking insightful questions and cues that elicit their emotional response to the event. Responding to guest reviews on the platform can help you improve your Tripadvisor score.

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The Quantity of Incoming Reviews to Your Seminyak Vacation Rental

The more favorable ratings you have, the higher your ranking will be. Because a higher number of positive reviews indicates a good experience, you should encourage guests to post 5-star evaluations. The Tripadvisor ranking methodology considers the overall amount of reviews while determining your position. Your tour company will be compared to another similar company in the same area.

How Recent is Your Reviews

The algorithm of TripAdvisor prioritise the age of reviews. The newer a review is, the more weight it carries. A review written before the COVID pandemic, for example, will not carry the same weight as one written during COVID-19. Recent evaluations appear to be frank, honest, and pertinent to readers. These reviews are more likely to reflect what readers may expect if they book today, according to readers. Guests are also more likely to believe a current testimony than one that is months or years old.

Disruptions Of Supply Chains Beside Global Pandemic

When you run a business, you always want to deliver the best to your customers by offering high quality products an service, quick delivery, etc. However, business often faces the unexpected especially when it comes to supply chain. Delivering a finished product to customers often faces challenges such as a shortage. Those can be caused by many factors such as port capacity, shipping containers, raw materials, etc. 

The disruptions in global supply chain

We are still facing against the global pandemic that has affected almost every aspect of life including supply chain. However, it is not only covid-19 that contribute to today’s global supply chain’s chaos. There are other factors as well such as consumer demands. The pandemic is like a major trigger to already piled up factors. And here are some of the reasons why supply chain is in so much chaos today:

Smart tech

Even before the pandemic, almost everything around us is already getting smarter. In supply chain, semiconductors and chips are being embedded in items and the pandemic has accelerated this trend. The problem with this smart technology to track down items that is being delivered from sellers to buyers is that the time to make those semiconductors and chips. It even takes a long time to build more chip manufacturing plants. Not to mention that it requires billions of dollars. This situation obviously strains the supply chain’s components.

Social media

Social media is not something new in our modern world. It has been an important part of our life. However, in these past few years social media has been contributing a lot at brand experience. It is easier for companies to introduce and promote their products through social media platforms, making it easier for them to increase sales. However, this easy buying pattern and access for customers increase the sales and in return, leading to surge in demand and pressure on supply chains. 

Easier payment method

This is also what contribute to surge in demand in almost every segment of items offered by companies and brands. Customers today like using buy Now Pay Later platform especially those who are young customers. They can buy almost anything they want and worry about the payment since they don’t have to shell out the entire cost upfront. Installment payments has made it easier for customers to access their needs. And this increases sales significantly, making supply chain industry faces another pressure. Customers keep buying more goods and it strains supply chain in return. 

In conclusion, there are three major causes of supply chain disruptions aside from the global pandemic. They are smart tech, social media, and financing platform. Meanwhile, covid-19 is viewed as factor that accelerates of what has already happened in supply chain’s chaos today. Demand and pressure on supply chain will likely to continue as we are not yet able to contain the pandemic fully. Improvements are needed for more sufficient supply chain infrastructure, technologies, and people. Hopefully, we will have more agile, efficient, adaptable, and sustainable supply chain soon in the future. 

Raja Ampat Liveaboard, Why should you choose to stay on board?

One of the greatest ways to explore as much of Raja Ampat as possible in a short length of time is to take a liveaboard boat tour. We’d like to introduce you to local operators who offer economical Raja Ampat marine adventures to visitors who want to do more than simply dive. Locally operated liveaboard boats allow you to see far more than just the greatest diving spots in Raja Ampat. Raja Ampat liveaboard operators can arrange economical private charters to groups looking for an adventure of their own design, in addition to their standard dive, snorkeling, and sight-seeing itineraries.

Raja Ampat Liveaboard: Spacious Rooms

You want some space to stretch out, relax, and enjoy your privacy when you’re on vacation. On a boat, this isn’t always doable. Even if you book a Raja Ampat luxury cruise, your accommodation will be substantially smaller than what you would have on land. Although some luxury boats offer ensuite bathrooms, you’re more than likely to share a basic bathroom with the other passengers. This isn’t a bad thing, but wouldn’t it be lovely to have your own private open-style bathroom? You won’t have to wait for the bathroom or showers in the morning or after a dive.

There will be no seasickness

When you’re on a dive vacation, seasickness is a real pain. When there are so many amazing things to see and do, no one wants to be sick. Staying on land is ideal for individuals who get seasick and would rather rush to the dive spots rather than bother about acclimating to the boat’s motion for the first few days.

The sights

You may be a marine enthusiast, but Raja Ampat also offers a stunning assortment of land-based attractions. When visiting this gorgeous region, you must visit the beaches, forests, and go on treks to look for rare animals like Birds of Paradise.

Another advantage is the ability to wake up to the sounds of birds and other animals just outside your door. You get the best of both worlds at Papua Paradise, with the sounds of the sea and the sounds of the land.

Luxury cruise for nondiver

Raja Ampat Luxury cruise for nondiver

Just because you’re a diver doesn’t mean your partner is as well. When it comes to vacations, you may have to make sacrifices, but Raja Ampat is still breathtaking even if you don’t dive. If you go on a liveaboard tour, though, the non-diver will not have as much fun. Raja Ampat liveaboard gives you more room to move around, allows you to hang out in public areas such as the bar and lounge, and allows you to mingle with non-divers while you’re out diving.

What Corporation Can Do To Contribute To A Better World

What Corporation Can Do To Contribute To A Better World

Corporations indeed have great influence over the world. We find variety of technologies to make our life easier, producing goods that are useful for our everyday life, delivering our necessities, and employ millions of people. However, not many people realize that profit and planet can coexist. When it comes to making change for a better world, people look to the government to make it happen. Meanwhile, corporations also have role and responsibilities to solve big issues in today’s society. 

Can corporation contribute to change the world for the better?

It is possible for corporations to partake in efforts to change the world for the better with the right motivation. Climate change, poverty, world hunger, diversity, inclusion issues, and inequity are some of the issues our world are suffering today. And with the power and influence corporations have, it is possible for those issues to be solved together. 

Is it possible for corporations to put the people and planet first?

Many people doubt corporations could play significant role in making the world a better place to live in. And the very first reason is that business is business. Every corporation aims for profit and sometimes it is not aligned with the concept of humanity, environmental awareness, etc. However, it is not something impossible either to realize. 

Corporations who can see the values of putting the people and planet first are there. We have seen during the pandemic how some of corporations around the world show their empathy and humanity. They sacrificed some of the things they would profit them for the sake of doing the right thing. And the result was amazing. They still made a heart profit while taking care of their struggling employees and clients during crisis. And this is a culture every corporation should start to adopt.

Establish corporate culture that brings positive changes to the world

Positive corporate culture promotes compassion, equity, protection, helpfulness, and fairness. And all these qualities are what the world need for a better change. Every business operation will be more conscious because of the awareness of protecting environment. Diversity and inequity issues will be solved with fairness and equity a corporation implement within their corporate culture. 

Changes needed at corporations

Furthermore, it is important that the change to make the better world should start from the change at corporations. There are many things corporations can do to help make it happen such as bringing humanity back to the workplace. Promote positive work ethic not only between shareholders but especially between employees. It is important to prioritize employees while still earning profit. 

Also, it is possible for corporations to earn profit without harming the environment. There are so many ways for them to gain profit and harming the planet is cheapest alternative they should no longer use. Sustainable business is what we all need today and corporations can play their role well if they want. It is time for new era of business with positive corporate culture that contribute to make positive change to the world. 

Top 5 Worsts Mistakes Owners of Private Bali Villas Can Do

Managing vacation rental and private villas in Bali can be very rewarding—when yo do it right. You get to meet new people from all around the world, make money, and have great investment. However, simply having a villa in Bali and treat it just like a side hobby is a recipe for disaster. Here are five worst mistakes an owner of villa can do that can drag your business to failure. 

Taking the “Get Rich Quick” Mentality When Managing the Private Bali Villas

Top 5 Worsts Mistakes Owners of Private Bali Villas Can Do

While vacation rental do give you lucrative income, doing so for the quick money will only get you failed. One of the most common (wrong) assumptions new vacation rental owners make is that they can just buy a home in a popular area and expect hordes of guests to come to their door.

Unfortunately, creating successful villas and vacation rentals business in Bali is not a short term engagement. It takes lots of time and energy. And if you adopt that long-term sustainable mindset, you recognize that small steps in the right direction eventually add up to make a real difference. 

Lack of Multi-listing Distributions

With so many online travel agencies (OTA) accessible to visitors, such as international listing like Airbnb,, HomeAway, or Indonesian locals like Traveloka,, RedDoorz, and OYO, don’t restrict yourself to just one. Ideally, your vacation rental should be featured on numerous online travel sites, including the main OTAs. This improves visibility, allowing you to optimize your vacation rental’s availability, and maintains it booked during peak and off-season seasons.”

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Not Asking Reviews from Past Guests’ Experiences

Not Asking Reviews from Past Guests’ Experiences

In many industry, customers will always turn to your reviews to see what previous customers has to say as a social proof. Vacation rental is not an exception. Many private villas in Bali lose potential guests despite of having gorgeous images, magnificent descriptions, and fantastic amenities because they fail to obtain significant positive reviews of their property. 

Having more reviews will not only improve your search placement, but it will also help you present yourself as a competent, experienced, and trustworthy host.

Not Taking the Best Photos of Your Private Bali Villas

Imagine browsing through an OTA and scrolling dozens of Bali private vacation rental listed in the website. Which one will you click firsts; the one with brilliant photos of the rental or the one with bad photos?  Like it or not, many customers skips listings with bad images because it’s not attractive and does not indicate good hospitality. So, do invest in professional photographers that can capture the best of your rental!

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Bad Hospitality in Your Bali Villas

The last and most fatal mistakes for any owners of holiday villas in Bali. With tight competition of Bali villas, lack of hospitality would only get your villa sank to bottom. Being a host entails much more than simply accepting reservations, bookings, and payments. Being a host or property manager is all about giving your visitors a memorable and pleasant experience.

Make every effort to be the greatest host you can be – before, during, and after your visitors’ stay. Respond to any requests as soon as possible (no matter what time of day or night), be available when your visitors require you, and have a professional demeanor at all times.