Bali Dive Sites Outside of the Mainland

It seems like you have explored every nook and cranny of Bali’s underwater world. You have explored them all; the Tulamben, Amed, Kubu, Canididasa, Padang Bai, everything. And while every site is beautiful and equally impressive, you just crave for something more. More fishes, more eccentric ocean creatures to meet, and more new, underwater landscape to explore. Lucky you, Bali still have more dive sites to explore outside the mainland! Just one hop with a boat away. So here are four dive sites outside Bali you need to visit.

Menjangan Island, the Northernmost Dive Sites in Bali

Menjangan Island, the Northernmost Dive Sites in Bali

Pulau Menjangan is a tiny island in the tip of northwest corner of Bali. It is part of the monitored and protected West Bali National Park which make it a sanctuary for the marine inhabitants. The Menjangan is one of the most pristine dive sites, both in Bali and in Southeast Asia. The dive site is characterised by light currents, warm waters, and high visibility. The Menjangan is a feast of giant gorgonian reefs, macro life, blacktip and white tip sharks, and abundant tropical fishes! Menjangan is also provide a great sport for shallow dive, deep diving, to drift diving.

Crystal Bay and Manta Point at Nusa Penida

This giant and gracious creature, the Manta Ray, is the dream of many divers. They are not that common in many waters and a mere sight of them gliding gracefully through water is enough to keep a diver happy for days! Among divers, Nusa Penida is famous not for its iconic beaches—but for its precious Manta Point and Crystal Bay. The latter is the underwater gem of Nusa Penida. Not only that it’s crystal clear and brimming with life. It’s also home of another rare giant of the sea—the ‘Mola Mola’ sunfish. Unlike the Menjangan Island, Nusa Penida is generally colder and stronger in currents.

A Bit More Dives in Nusa Lembongan

Nusa Lembongan might not be in your top list of Bali dive sites to visit. The idyllic island sits in the southern of Bali (just in Nusa Penida neighbor). And just like Nusa Penida, the Nusa Lembongan also give you a chance for Manta or Mola Mola sighting in less crowded place.

Away from Bali, Here to Gili Meno Dive Site

Menjangan Island, the Northernmost Dive Sites in Bali

Here’s to the notorious “Bali” underwater circle of statues. This is probably one of the most frequently featured diving/ snorkelling picture in Pinterest and Instagram. What can you say, they do make epic photos! Gili Meno, one of Gili Islands that just located between Bali and Lombok, is the place where these statues stand. The Gili Meno is nevertheless considered as one of Bali dive sites which ultimate goals is providing artificial coral reefs to promote corals and fish population which also serves as tourist attraction.